#AgilityIs Faith & Hope

Skyline of Rock Mountains

Last week, I was fortunate enough to hear Chris Gardner speak about his life story, known as The Pursuit of Happyness. (The film based on his life events, featuring Will Smith.) His story was extremely compelling and was emotionally connecting. He covered a lot in the hour, but the main topics were: 1) Create Plan A because Plan B sucks 2) C-5 Complex 3) Three R’s 4) His Answers to What #AgilityIs Based on those aspects of his story, I have outlined mine to answer the same questions for myself. Create Plan A Because Plan B Sucks By now, nearly everyone knows I will be moving to Denver on June 30. That’s my Plan A, with no Plan B in sight because Plan B sucks, period. I know the lessons I’ve learned from San Francisco will motivate me to not make the same mistake twice. Including, blocking out noise from not
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