About Me

Life in a Year

In 2011, I graduated from University of Houston with a B.A. in Communications and an emphasis in Public Relations (PR). After school, I landed my first job in Dallas working at an ad agency, Online Performance Marketing (OPM),that eventually led me to spending several hours creating websites to be SEO friendly. As I think about my career goals I see myself being an SEO Specialist and gaining insight on Paid Search Campaigns.

After working two years at OPM I gained an opportunity of a lifetime to work in San Francisco, where I created the best San Francisco Real Estate website. I was also in charge of placing around 80 interns for two well known social media companies. It was a challenge, but with my boss always out of the office I learned that I had to take self-control in getting tasks accomplished. I learned that often times mistakes can be fixed, and “just doing it” is better than asking for approval (limitations do apply).

Now that I’m back in Dallas (Oct. 2014) I eagerly await my next place of employment that will help satisfy my career goal. Hopefully, it will be back in the city I graduated college, Houston, because of the booming economy in that area. Also, knowing so many friends still living there helps! Many of my friends are eager to see me back in Houston, as I am eager to live there.

In my free time I love to explore new cities, with my next one being either Seattle or Toronto. My second biggest passion, and exercise is playing softball. Within 4 years, I have played in three leagues (Houston, Dallas and San Francisco). On Saturday, you can usually find me watching college football. The other sport I can watch is hockey, as long as it’s the Dallas Stars; and on weeknights I will either be writing, hanging out with friends or watching How to Get Away with Murder, The Following or a new movie on Netflix.

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