Welcome to Brock’s Story

A story is something personal to each one of us. We all have issues happening behind the scenes, but whether or not we decide to share that story is different. Brock, is one of those people who is not afraid to share his story.

Every day in the ever changing world of SEO there is something new, something to explore. Right now, it’s “micro-moments” and video marketing. Those two challenges make me excited to get up every morning to use my chops to help Fortune 500’s succeed. Such as AT&T, Under Armour, MAC Cosmetics (an Estee Lauder Company), and¬†MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Recently, I have launched my own business but most of my time is focused on honing my chops with YouTube Marketing as this medium has already taken off in the online marketing world. It’s the second largest search engine in the world, and over 320 million¬†views per day on YouTube. Additionally, over 50% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile.

That alone wants me to strive not only for my success, but to see many companies excel as well. Their success makes me happy, as I know that I’m using my talent to help grow companies using the rising impact of video marketing.

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